So badly neglecting this poor blog!!  Hi readers!  Still out there?  How is everyone?

I have been busy.  B.U.S.Y.  Mostly with the horrid grass cloth project.  Here's where we're at:

Wall One: Done!

Wall Two: Almost Done!

 Wall Three: Well....the grass is gone!

So we're making progress.  Turns out that really, really, really wetting everything helps with this stuff, so we moved from the bucket and sponge to the big guns:

 That's more like it, and it helps us move a lot faster.  We're hoping to have the wallpaper down and the ceiling scraped (icky now grayish-colored popcorn) so we can paint next week.

In other news, changes are hopefully coming to the blog and shop soon!  I'm very excited about it all but need more time in the day to get it all done!  And does anyone else really hate the time change?  I'm exhausted!


  1. Uhg, sounds rough. I totally love the way some wall paper works, but I never put it up because I am so afraid that when I get sick of it I will have to take it down!

  2. that bane of your existence + grass cloth wallpaper. progress is great though!!!!!you're moving along. keep at it. i've done a few wallpaper removal jobs including our kitchen when we moved in. none of them were what i'd call fun.

    traci,don't be scared. i think the paper they make today comes off a little easier. plus there really are some pretty papers out there!

  3. Looking good! I agree- more time in the day please! If I get caught up on line that means I haven't crafted or done anything else all day!

  4. I'm still here and happy belated birthday!!!

  5. The time change really threw me, too. Best of luck with your home project!

  6. Oh my gosh, I can't believe it's being this stubborn! I figured you had that stuff ripped off already and were busy painting.

    I'm excited to hear more about these shop/blog changes!