Sew Many Books


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On to the good stuff.

You know I've talked about how much I love my local library before, and I have to show you what I found:

Oh yes, sewing books.  Lots and lots of lovely sewing books with modern projects and tips and really pretty pictures.  Anna Maria Horner, Amy Butler, Martha....

And there are even patterns inside!

I'm so excited to look through these and photocopy some of the patterns and ideas to use later on.  And really, now I just want to keep them because the spines are so pretty.

I actually went in to find a cookbook.  Oops.

Now here is the best part: our library has been undergoing construction for a major expansion.  It's going to be more than double the old size.  They built the new half, moved everything over there and have been renovating the old half.  Now it's time to put the whole thing together so the library will be closing until the end of April, which means I get to keep these books until the end of April!!  That might actually give me enough time to look through them all.  I also checked out movies for movie night and books and videos for Gus.  I'm proud to say I have 53 things checked out of the library right now.  I actually thought it was more!

Happy Friday!


  1. Oooh, lots of new blogs in your sidebar for me to check out!

    Good call about hitting the library for craft/DIY books. I've never thought to do that, but I think I should! My library is pretty big, so I'm sure they'll have a decent selection.

  2. I LOVE going to the library. Such a great idea though. I usually only go for movies and kids stuff but now I will definitely hit up the DIY section!

  3. Those books look very interesting.

    I can spend hours in a library and I still take the maximum allowed home with me..cook books, garden, crafts, quilts, travel....

  4. Awesome collection of books! I always hit the new nonfiction for craft and cookbooks. Enjoy!