Finding Balance: Traci from All Things Luci Rae

Continuing the series on finding balance, I'd like to welcome Traci from All Things Luci Rae, who's going to tell you how she manages her very busy schedule.

Hi everyone, I'm Traci and you can catch me over at All Things Luci Rae.  I am a full time mom and wife.  I work part time for an estate sale company and have recently opened a store in an antique mall called The Dented Lampshade.  As you can imagine finding balance between all of my many roles is a challenge.  Some days I can hardly find time to shower.  Don't worry, though most days I do.

My advice: Prioritize... and let things go.
No one can do it all... not even Martha.  Figure out what is the most important to you at that moment and do it.  And if your toilets don't get done, or you have to order pizza again so be it.  Let it go.  Being too hard on yourself and striving for perfection is just a crazy maker.  Plus, perfect people bug me.  

I have figured out that balancing being a mom and wife, owning a store, blogging, and working for an estate sale company might sound like too much.  Someday, I may decide it is, but for now I just let some stuff go.  If the store isn't perfect every single day, that's okay.  My daughter is well cared for and fun- not always clean, but hey, swimming counts as a bath right?  I just think it is more important to have fun with what you are doing.  Once it becomes no fun, then stop doing it. I don't mean once it becomes hard, though, because things do get hard.  I enjoy a challenge.  

My family comes first, always.  The store comes second, and then my job.  On the days I am working for the estate sale company, they have all of me, but as soon as I clock out at the end of my day, I leave my work there.  I don't fret about what didn't get done, or what I have to do next week.  I just leave it there.  

So that's the best I've got.  My house isn't always perfect, but it is always loving.  Life is messy, I just embrace the mess.

Thanks Traci!   Make sure to stop by her blog to check out her latest project, and if you missed it, check out Paige's post on finding balance from last week.


  1. I really like your last sentence, "Life is messy, I just embrace the mess." That's a perfect way to look at things.

  2. Thanks for the feature!! Loved reading Paige's too. Life is extra messy today.... but we are going swimming anyway:) Off to the pool!

  3. this is a great post. i have been trying my whole life to let the little things go, it's a work in progress!! thanks traci!
    -Rachel w k

  4. Embrace the mess! Love it! I may need to tack that up in my Girl Cave!