On Vacation

Hey, everyone!  This past week's absence was due to a family vacation, as we made our way down the coast to visit the hubs's parents on our yearly pilgrimage to Florida.  Driving down (and back) is not exactly my most favorite activity, especially with (now) two kids and one dog.  We have a very full car.  However, the trip went smoothly for the most part, with us leaving at 3:30 in the morning the Friday of Memorial Day weekend and getting to Nana and Papa's at 10 pm.  Yes, we are crazy and drive right through.  We would rather just get there instead of prolonging the experience.

We don't tend to stray too far from the house while we're there, letting the kids spend time with their grandparents, but we do make our way out for a few fun activities.  This year, two back-to-back days at the beach were surrounded by 3 days of rain (thanks, Beryl) in which about 9 inches of rain fell in our area.  For the third year in a row, there were days when it was warmer in Connecticut than in Florida.  It didn't deter the beach fun, though.  Gus had such a blast "swimming" in the water and using his construction vehicles in the sand, he didn't want to leave.  Greta had her first beach experience, eating lots of sand and chewing on sea grass floating up to shore as she sat where the sand and water meet.  Needless to say, the bathtub was full of sand upon cleanup.

This was actually the first time N + P got to see Greta in person, so it was fun watching them to get a good look at her, and she's becoming so much more interactive now.  We discovered her first tooth breaking through on the trip down, she's able to sit up without immediately keeling over, and she is trying desperately to crawl.  We had her christening while we were down there, since they miss out on a lot since we're up here and they're down there, so that was a special event.

We took lots of walks and ate a lot of food that was probably bad for us, and Gus watched way too much television, but that's the whole point of vacations.  We figured it was a week's break and so we let go some of the things we'd normally adhere to much more strictly.  And now we're home after another long drive Saturday and yesterday, though this time with a hotel stop, and I managed to get us completely unpacked with laundry done by the end of the day.  Not too bad, and that makes me feel good about a fresh start today, instead of dragging out all the end-of-vacation chores.

It's nice to be back, both at home and here on the blog.  Time to get back to some routine!  Anyone else been traveling lately, or planning a trip?  Hate unpacking?  Watching too much television?  I'd love to hear about it!


  1. Welcome back! We were in California the week before Memorial Day, and my husband STILL hasn't put all of his stuff away. It's in a little pile on the floor.

    Sounds like you guys had a great time! Do you think you'll fly instead of driving as the kiddos get older? I can't imagine that big drive in 1 day!

  2. Oh man 2 kids in a car makes me want to cry haha. My sister just flew to England, an 11 hour trip, with an 8 month old! They survived but barely!

  3. will be travelling on thursday. we're off to nyc to my college reunion and to see family and friends. we'll be driving, but as you know, it's only about a 4 hour drive for us, so that's a breeze compared to yours. can't wait to check in and hop over to our pals pub in the seaport. and as a bonus, we will get to see our niece who is flying in from dublin the same day with her boyfriend. her birthday is friday and we'll get to celebrate with her. it will be a long weekend full to the brim.