Happiness Is.

It's Friday!  I hope everyone had a good week!  I'd like to continue my end-of-week happiness review.

Happiness is...

...new fabric.  Some is for planned projects and some is just because.

...iced coffee.  With this stuff.  Mmmmm....

...summer gatherings with swimming pools involved.  Tomorrow we're headed to a cookout at a house with a pool.  Fun for the kids, fun for me.  I then realized that I have no grown-up swimsuit and went looking.  I found this one at the Gap:

Not overly mom-ish but not teenage chickadee either.  At my local store on sale, with an additional 40% off.  Now that's happy.  Swimming with the kids just got a little more comfortable.

...this great find.  Needs paint, but will be super handy in the work room.

...being accepted to my second craft show (yup, we're trying another one) that required an application and small jury process.  October show and Christmas goods, here I come!

Finally, two quick little bloggy pleas before I run off for the day:

1.Comments are awesome and being able to reply to comments is even better.  If you don't have your e-mail hooked up to your profile then I can't reply to you.  Take a quick read here to see how to add your e-mail and remove yourself from no-reply status.

2. Captcha is not awesome.  Inevitably when I write a nice long comment, I get that box that asks me to input the two words (and now numbers) that are getting harder and harder to read.  And then I don't want to comment any more.  So, if you'd like to turn off your comment verification system, here's how.  I worried about spam comments but seriously, there's been like, two.  Ever.

What's making you happy this week?

Happy Friday!


  1. I love getting new fabric. My mom had boat loads of fabric packed away, and she gave it all to me. I know it's not brand new, but totally new to me! That swimsuit is amazing. I bought a pink one piece last year and I love it. Have a great weekend!

  2. High-five for a sweet deal on that suit! It's supposed to rain here all weekend, so you go out and enjoy the sun on my behalf. Tell it I say hello.

    I discovered a delicious new fabric website yesterday. Maybe you've already heard of it, but it was new to me: http://www.babybedding.com/fabric

  3. Lovely fabric and nice swim suit!

    Thanks for the tip about comment verification, it is really annoying and hard to read!

  4. i agree, I have had two spam comments ever and blogger actually recognized them as such and they never appeared in my posts. anyways. you're doing another christmas fair, please tell me which one/where and I want to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    exclamation point.
    love the dahlia fabric. enjoy the muggy weekend
    -Rachel w k

  5. Love that swim suit!! I totally don't have any adult ones either. I think it is about time for me to invest in one:)

  6. I want ALL of that and I whole-heartedly agree with both points! ;)

    It's making me happy that we FINALLY have power and that my 'rents are in for a nice, long visit. :)

  7. That fabric is really pretty and that swimsuit is just gorgeous!