Looking for a Brand New Bag

To the ladies: how's your handbag?  Is it big?  Small?  Cloth?  Leather?  Organized, or a total disaster?

In my single days, I had a Vera Bradley Little Betsy bag, which was the perfect size and held everything I needed in its inside compartments.  Now I have been upgraded to a larger-sized Vera Bradley Stephanie bag that is either half-empty or completely jammed full depending on the circumstances.  When traveling (i.e. running errands) with Gus in tow, things are more on the jam-packed side with his snacks, drink cup, and toys, and if we're going someplace like a relative's house for several hours, generally a second bag is required. 

I figure at some point I'm going to need to upgrade again either because this bag is going to wear out, or life in general is going to force me into an even slightly larger bag.  Of course, when on Etsy, nice handbags tend to catch my eye anyway, and I've favorited several along the way that I've been considering.

First, this lovely style from marandalee.  Formerly under the shop name of babyeverafter, I love this style of bag that comes in several sizes, has lots of pockets inside, and her fabrics are oh, so cute.

Another of my favorites is this one from tanneicasey:

More cute bags, more cute prints!

I'm sure I could go on, and on, and on, but you get the idea of what I've been looking at and where I'm headed.  And maybe some day, eventually, I may be able to revert to something like this, which is so classic and beautiful:

A gal can dream.


  1. i was just saying the other day how sometimes i feel more like a pack mule than a mom!! i used to have cute little bags, but gone are the days. i have been liking satchels lately because they are more hands-free. it's hard to find real cute ones though.

  2. You should check out the bags by local artist Pansy Maiden, One of them is on my wish list.
    I also used to carry VB, but now that they are made overseas I feel the quality isn't there anymore. I've made a pledge to myself to only purchase handmade bags from now on, there are so many of them and so many choices I figured that would be a great handmade start.

  3. Great post, I have a purse/bag obsession. I don't have kids, but I do carry a lot of art supplies and notebooks with me, so I like having lots of pockets and whatever. My one big annoyance though is the lack of zippered pockets. Every lady needs a zippered pocket, but so many etsy bags have no zipper.

  4. I love a good bag! Surprisingly, you can find bags that are like the last one you've posted that have just as much room as the others. For example this bag which I snagged at a complete steal for $68-- http://www.polyvore.com/steven_steve_madden_saffron_leather/thing?id=30847307

    I went bowling the other night and the guy at the bowling alley was like, "Ummm, that's a big bag. Does it really need to be so big?" My response, "Ummm, yes because I can fit everything I need into it" as I pulled out my pair of socks and slipped my sandals into it while putting on the bowling shoes. Perfect for preparedness! :)

  5. I don't have any kids, but I have a husband who "needs" me to hold his stuff in my purse. Like his sunglasses, or a granola bar in case he gets hungry while we're running errands. So I guess that's like having a child! Ha ha.

    My purses are mediuim-sized, but they hold a LOT more than I originally thought they would. Both are from the Dooney & Bourke outlet, which I definitely recommend if you want more of an investment piece. I have one for summer and one for winter. So far, they're holding up really well!