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I love waking up to an inquiry about one of my items, or asking me if I can make something similar to meet their needs.  It doesn't happen often, but it's a great feeling.

I was recently contacted by a woman looking for some of my miniature magnetic bookmarks, but in colors other than what I had listed in my shop.  I love this size bookmark- they're only one and a half inches square, but they are a great size for paperbacks or day planners or even childrens' books- and because they are magnetic, they don't fall out, which would make them great for someone who's traveling a lot.

Here is the end result:

Nine minis in coordinating colors.  The navy and light orange became one set and the teal and coral/orange became another.  While I was working on these, I totally fell in love with the red-orange and teal combination.  I had a set of three that went together so nicely, so I decided to list them and offer them as a set in my shop!

These colors look so great together!  You can check out more of them here.

Happy Friday!


  1. You're right... those colors are amazing. And I love how small they are! I have never been a fan of a huge book mark.... I'm more of a "tear a scrap of paper and shove it in" kind of girl... but this is much nicer. :P Sea Marie

  2. yay for custom orders!!! I do love the size of those and always have loved any warm color with teal, it's so refreshing


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