A few weeks ago, I got an e-mail asking about bookmarks for a library storytime-based birthday party.  Could I make some favors for the party?  Absolutely!

Orange for the boys, pink for the girls
And actually, there's a baby shower coming up to that's also book-themed.  Can we do bookmarks for that, too?  Sure!

I love these so much.  This lousy picture does them no justice.

Oh, and how about some thank you notes for the shower to match?  Ok!

And actually, while we're at it, do you make signs, like the kind that has the string attached?  Yes!

Up to that point in our banter, I actually had previously made all of the things she asked about.  The bunting sign was something new to me, but I knew I could do it, and really wanted to try.  Not too bad a result:

Needless to say, I had a lot of fun with this particular customer, who picked out some seriously cool paper and color combinations.  As far as the bunting goes, I was thinking, wow, I could sell these in my shop, but then I actually spent the time putting them together and I actually don't know if it would be worth it!  After hand-cutting the traingles with a rotary hand cutter and sewing them to the ribbon, and printing and layering, it was a lot of time, and everything basically went smoothly.  Luckily Mr. By the Book came and helped me out a little bit with all those triangles, and lucky me, he's just slightly more perfectionistic than I am so the signs look great.

There was a little bit of a time crunch due to a slightly later than anticipated delivery date on all that pretty paper, which arrived on Monday.  Everything needed to be shipped basically by Tuesday morning to be sure it would make it there by Saturday.  So, hence the rush and hence the lousy pictures taken both at night and early the next rainy morning.  Plus those are the only pictures I was able to get, so that makes me a little bit sad, but I'm happy with the result and glad that they are on their way.

And so now today will be back to business as usual: running errands, playing with Gus, and a new Pinterest recipe to try out for tomorrow's post (so check back!).  Maybe I'll also read those things I pinned on how to take a good photo......I hope everyone has a great day!


  1. It seems like you have been extremely busy! The final product looks great! Have a wonderful Wednesday!

  2. Wow! Talk about quick turnaround time! I would have freaked out! Everything looks fabulous though!

  3. Okay, when my husband knocks me up, I definitely want a book-themed baby shower. That's so awesome.

    Can't wait to see how your recipe turns out! I haven't made mine yet, either.

  4. The sign looks really great! You're lucky your man is a perfectionist.... mine likes to help me but unfortunately I get a little crazy about cutting and measurements and end up just shooing him away and doing it myself! :P Can't wait to hear about the recipe, I'm trying a new one myself tonight! Sea Marie

  5. Everything turned out so cute! A book themed party, that is such a great idea, especially for my little book worm. Looking forward to your recipe (:

  6. thats so fantastic! I really love the color combos and the banner is great

    -rachel w k