I've been seeing a lot of blog posts, treasuries, items proclaiming "Fall is Here!"  Kids are headed back to school, so it just seems natural that thoughts of cooler weather and Halloween will quickly follow.  I love this season.  I like getting back into wearing sweaters, going to fairs, picking pumpkins, and all of the other great activities that are part of fall.  This morning in particular I started thinking that fall really is coming.  With Irene going through, we are now having cooler nights and mornings, where I'm more comfortable in jeans than shorts if I'm outside.  And this morning I was particularly in the mood for a cup of tea.  This isn't unusual- I love tea.  And I'm just as likely to drink it hot in the summer as I am in the winter.  But today I was particularly in the mood.  It was just cool enough that a good cup of tea would be particularly warming and comforting over breakfast.

I'm pretty equal-opportunity as far as types of tea go; I'll try pretty much any kind (one of my favorites is a chocolate tea that the hubs says smells like feet, but I don't agree with him on that at all).  I even have a tea board going on Pinterest for some of the fun things I find and either want to buy or make.

What an awesome wreath for the kitchen!

Look- all straight lines!  I think I could handle this, and how great for travel?

I love the attached bag holder.

Are you having feelings of fall yet?  What does fall mean to you?  What's your favorite fall activity?


  1. I love that wreath! I would kill for a cup of hot tea. It will be iced coffee and iced tea here for probably 10 more weeks...boo :(

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE! Tea is one of my most favorite things in the world! Such a wonderful post!

  3. I thought the same thing - the day Irene passed she left us with fall weather! I love living in New England around Halloween time, you guys just get so much more into it! I might even decorate the house for halloween for the first time this year :) That cup with the little holder is so genius, every tea drinker would agree!

    -rachel w k

  4. Tea is definitely my drink of choice. That wreath is so cool. I've been meaning to make myself a little tea caddy for my purse.

  5. I love tea - actually, I love all hot drinks. These are fun tea ideas.
    To me, fall means pumpkins and all things pumpkin.