TGIF: Pinterest Style.

It's Friday!  Wahoo!  (I don't know why I'm cheering since every day is a Tuesday around here, but for those of you for whom Friday means something, have at it.)  It's the end of another busy week and before we go sliding into the weekend I thought I'd provide you with a little inspirational eye candy.

I know this is a living room, but all I can see is a bright, beautiful studio with a giant standing desk in the middle.  I just love the wood ceiling and the wall of windows, and the ability to open the door to the outside.  Come home with me, lovely room.

Massively fluffy coconut cream pie.  This looks so good.  I'm thinking this will be my contribution to Easter dinner this year.

This face.

Copper pots!  They look so amazing next to the crisp white and the mint green accents.  I could accomplish so much in such a pretty kitchen.

Gold is such a hot metal right now.  I would love to have an office fancy enough to handle such bling.

I want to do this.  Gus has a knack for finding and bringing home rocks, and I love the idea of putting these in a mason jar on a shelf or sending one along to a friend.

Which one is your favorite?  Anyone have big plans for the weekend?  It's pretty much going to be freezing here still on Saturday (read: one degree Friday night) and rainy on Sunday, so we're probably going to be hanging inside yet again.  Let me live vicariously through you.  Have a great weekend!

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  1. Love the copper pots! If I didn't have my aqua pots and pans, that'd be the style I'd go for. The gold office supplies are amazing too. I have big paper clips like that-- purchased them for photo styling, but now I'm thinking I need the stapler and scissors too. :-P Coconut cream pie is also one of my faves. Actually, anything coconut for that matter.

  2. I'm so going to make that coconut cream pie for Easter!