The One in Which He Lost a Tooth.

Gus is five- almost five and a half- and the last time we went to the dentist (on his fifth birthday) the hygienist told us that he had two very slightly loose teeth on the bottom.  Nothing much happened since then, until last week when one of them was suddenly basically stuck out forward.  Some wiggling and poking around and it finally fell out at school two days ago. 

He's very proud.  Of course, when he came home and I asked him where the tooth was, he said he didn't know- he didn't know where it went!  I had planned to make him a pocket pillow to hold his tooth when it fell out, so I was a little devastated that he didn't have the tooth.  We eventually found the tooth in his lunchbox of all places, so I went to work on the tooth pillow. Naturally I was totally behind on executing that before the tooth fell out, but at least it got done, and I love, love how it turned out.:

I had a pocket pillow like this when I was little.  I have no idea where it came from or what happened to it, but I know the pocket was a lime green color and I loved it.  Mine was a lot smaller than this one, but I wanted to make something big enough that it wouldn't get lost in the mess, and I wanted to be able to put an initial on it.  I had planned on eventually getting these into my shop, too, so I snapped some photos this morning, and now you can get your own!  Each tooth pillow is customizable with 90 possible pocket colors and any initial you'd like, or I can leave it blank.

Gus loves the pillow.  He did not, however, love the Tooth Fairy taking his tooth away, even though she left a nice dollar bill behind.  I was not expecting tears, nor was I expecting to have to retrieve and "drop" said tooth on the floor next to his bed and then "find" it and proclaim that she must have dropped it tripping over the mess in his room.  Nor could I have predicted that that would be the easiest fix to the problem and he would be right as rain as soon as he saw the tooth again.  More drama than a teenage girl, I tell you.

Did you have a tooth fairy pillow when you were little?  Do you remember losing your first tooth?  Anyone else's kid want to keep it?

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