The "Big Chore" List

As I try very hard to complete regular day-to-day chores, I am constantly reminded of tasks that I would like to get to that are somewhat like spring cleaning, except they are not exactly seasonal.  Those chores that start out small but can evolve into a massive entire-room re-do.

So here is my list of I-really-need-to-get-this-done-but-don't-have-time chores:

1. Switch winter and summer clothes.  When we bought this house we consolidated two wardrobes into one set of furniture (our previous apartment allowed us to keep our stuff separate still) so non-seasonal items are in another bedroom upstairs out of the way.  Well, I need those clothes now.  This task includes going through the wardrobe to weed out the not-so-good, the bad, and the ugly (generally stuff left over from high school.  Yes, I still have stuff that is that old, and you can only have so many "painting" shirts).

2. Go through the bathroom toiletries and get rid of everything we don't use or that is past the expiration date.  We did this when we moved, but I don't feel like I did it good enough.  I have a ton of overflow items in the extra bathroom, and if they've been sitting there and I'm not using them, do I really need them?

3. Wash and switch bed quilt and blanket, and wash the curtains.  We've slowly been eliminating curtains left behind for us in favor of plantation shutters, but we haven't redone our bedroom yet, so there are dark blue toppers in there that are now so dusty it makes me kind of sick.

Shutters in one of our rooms
Ok, so that wasn't as much as I thought.  But I also have started a need-to-do-every-day list, which includes:

1. Thoroughly wipe down dinner table with Murphy's Oil Soap (convenient new spray formula) every night.  Spot treating with Clorox wipes was making the table perpetually sticky.

2. Swiffer floor daily or bi-daily (did I just make that up?) and wash once a week.  I'm sorry if I'm horrifying anyone who's really, really clean.  We're not messy people, I swear.  We are just constantly busy and have a lot going on at the moment.

3. Scrub kitchen sink basin once a week, at least.

4. Wipe off/out washer to remove Shout spray residue.

That list I'm sure is going to grow.  What's on your BIG CHORE to-do list right now, or your more-often list?  Maybe I'll find something else I need to get to!


  1. Your list sounds a lot like mine: go through the cabinet in the bathroom, go through the clothes we don't wear anymore...

    The do-more-often list is definitely laundry. We both hate doing it, and stuff just piles up.

  2. My blog feels like a chore today! I am stumped on what to write about...and my list of stuff to do is sitting right next to me...and has similar things to yours on it! Its supposed to be 88 degrees in Denver again I know the heat is coming soon..if I could just beat that...then I should be ok :)

    Crafty little gnome just wrote about homemade laundry detergent if that makes laundry any more enticing? ;)

    Hope you can get everything done!! Good luck and thanks for sharing!!!!

  3. Wait! Add to that 4. Weed through magazines (which I've talked about before) and 5. Work on toddler's scrapbook, which I finally just now got pictures for.

    Paige- laundry is the one thing that's not a problem around here! I have to make sure hubs has clothes for work and the toddler's stuff gets dirty quick so I've always got a load in. That's one thing I don't mind too much!

  4. I have had a lot of luck with For me it was really really slow to start on but now that I have my routines down it is so much easier to get the bigger stuff done. I love her 15 minute approach. Believe me, you can get a TON of stuff done in 15 minutes. I also have a list of every.single.thing. I do for spring cleaning starting at the top of the room (brush off cobwebs) down to the bottom of the room (scrub baseboards)

    Use a notebook to list every single thing you want to do in every room. It helps a lot. That way, when you get an extra twenty minutes in your day you can look at your list and pick something out rather than going into the room and thinking about what may need to be done. Also, it helps to break projects down - go through one shelf a day in your closet vs. going through the whole thing in one day.

    For me, my next big project is sanding and repainting all the trim boards in my house.