Disaster Zone (or, Part of My Creative Space)

Note: The good camera is still MIA, and it was raining, so please take these photos for what they are- dark. :)

Have you seen those blog posts about My Creative Space?  And what follows is usually photos of the nicest, neatest, most organized space you've ever seen and you end up coveting it for yourself?  Yea.

I just finished work on a large custom order of thank you notes that involved many different patterned papers and therefore many different colors for the faceplates.  Lots of cutting and pasting.  I'm usually really good at cleaning up as I go, or at least when I finish, but it was late and I was tired and I just didn't bother.  So this is what I found when I went in there this morning:

Piles and piles of scraps!  And I am not one to throw away any useable piece of paper (i.e. no smaller than one inch or so big) so I had to weed through what I had cut up in order to file it away "just in case".  So at least my creative space was being used, as it had been sitting collecting junk for a few weeks there.  And 15 or 20 minutes later, it looked like this:

Ah, so much better!  (Work table- Pottery Barn, local classified ad.  Woman moving to England, too expensive to ship.  Got probably 65% off original price, in great shape.)  It actually wasn't too bad- I had also been spead out across the floor trying to match up good colors, but then the toddler woke up and so the nice paper had to be removed from the floor.  Maybe when I feel a little more moved-in to the space (there are no pictures on the wall, still, after redoing the room months ago) and I have the good camera, I'll take some better shots to show you.

What does your creative space look like?  Link me posts if you ever blogged about yours!

Happy Friday!


  1. My creative space is nomadic around the house, It's really a bad habit, especially because I have a whole craft room too, everything ends up misplaced at least once during each project… I love the big drawers on your work table!

  2. I love your space....defines "creative":):)

  3. I love that even your mess isn't that bad. Here's a link to when I was in the middle of a busy time:


    And here's how it looks now that I've gotten a new, more functional desk and shelving (scroll about halfway through):


  4. The mess happens to the best of us! I usually find myself getting into a mess and then having to stop everything to straighten it up so that I can concentrate and proceed.

  5. Your messy is my neat! I don't actually have a space that is reserved for me to work (something I'm trying to fix) so right now my dining room table is covered in all sorts of scraps of paper and I've taken over my boyfriend's drafting table in the basement as well! What a mess! I need to get into the habit of cleaning up as I go!

  6. Don't you love the "just cleaned" feeling? Every time you walk by and see it, it just feels great. Also the feeling of scoring a great deal on a piece of furniture! Love it.

  7. Oh my gosh I love the pottery barn table! Your space looks a lot better than mine....we're in crisis mode here because I have completely taken over the kitchen table. :)


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