Vacation Return

Is anyone else having trouble leaving comments on blogs lately?  I can't seem to get and stay signed in.  I am reading, though!!

Anyhoo...we seem to have recovered from our vacation and the long drive in the car.  Our stuff, however, has not quite gotten its due attention.  The suitcase is still sitting on the floor of our room, with clothes yet to be put back in their drawers.  Ironically, they are clean, thanks to my MIL and her washing machine.  We rarely come home with much dirty laundry.  So it's just pure laziness and/or forgetfulness that is keeping those clothes in the suitcase on the floor.  Similarly, the cooler is still sitting in the kitchen because it needs to be brough all the way to the basement.  I suppose I can bring it down there when I finally tackle the small amount of laundry we brought home with us.  And then there are the toiletries.  In our house, we tend to take out what we need to use as we need to use it rather than just empty the whole bag.  So I'm sure you can guess where it is sitting.  (On the bathroom floor is a good answer.)

Are we really that lazy that we can't even be bothered with putting our stuff away?  Not really.  When we got home, the lawn was up to the toddler's knees (at least) and my dear husband had to mow it twice to get it back in order.  That took several hours of the afternoon that we got home, so nothing got put away as the toddler wanted to be outside as well, and the one mowing can't watch the boy who's always on the move.  The next day was grocery shopping because the refigerator was empty, so that took awhile because we were out of everything.  Then it had to be put away, and then it was lunch, etc.  And so the stuff continued to sit.  I think I'm finally motivated today and don't have anywhere to go, so I'm going to try and tackle the to-do list and put the vacation to rest once and for all.

How are you at unpacking?


  1. We got back from vacation on Sunday and the suitcase is still sitting on the bedroom floor, full of my stuff. My bad.

  2. I hate unpacking, it's a million times worse than packing! I also take things out of the suitcase as I need it, and forget about things that I have left in the little pockets and such. Not sure what it is about unpacking... more vaycay photos please!

  3. I'm pretty good at unpacking (after a vacation), mainly because I pack so lightly... When it comes to a move, however, it could take me months!

  4. Oh my gosh, I hate coming home after a vacation because there's just so much work to be done! We went on a 2 days trip last weekend and my packed suitcase is still sitting in the entryway.