What I Just Read (Vacation Edition)

I brought a book with me on vacation thinking that I'd maybe have a little time here and there to sneak in some reading in between all of the other goings-on during the day.  Little did I know that the toddler and his Nana would become fast friends and I would have more free time than I thought- I ended up finishing the book halfway through the trip.

Now, granted, this is not high-brow literature; it's actually high school literature.  See, I decided to finally actually read Candace Bushnell's book Sex and the City, which I finished awhile ago.  It's not great, to be honest- I liked the show a lot better- but I kept going with her other novels Lipstick Jungle and One Fifth Avenue, which were better.  As I was passing through the library coming from storytime, I noticed the young adult prequel to SATC which is called The Carrie Diaries.  So I figured, what the heck?, and I grabbed it for a guilty vacation read.

If you are already a fan of Bunshnell, or the series, then it's a fun read.  You get a glimpse into Carrie's early life, though many show fans say that the events don't exactly match up to what was revealed in the series.  It's a typical high school mean-girl, clique, break-away-from-the-small-town story.  It makes for a quick read, but mostly because you just want to find out what's going to happen.  If you have time for a little high school nostalgia, then you just might enjoy this one.


  1. Thanks for the recommendation, I didn't know this book even existed. I also read Sex and the City a few years ago and actually hated. It was a pretty dull book (but i LOOOOVE the show!) And I did like Lipstick Jungle quite a bit (but hated the show! for as long as it lasted)
    Nothing wrong with a little chick lit every now n then


  2. Book is definitely a good friend for vacation. You picked fun book to read!