Trading is Fun

A few weeks ago I mentioned how I took some very gross, old, yucky curtains out of our bedroom to be washed and ended up wondering about the effectiveness of green laundry detergents (here).  In that post, I featured a picture of a laundry soap I found on Etsy by pepperjackhome:

And like the good blogger that I am, I let Robyn, the owner of the shop, know I had featured her item and was using her photo.  We got to chatting and she offered to send me some of the soap to try.  Score!  I love a good freebie.  But then I was thinking that I have something to offer, too, and thought that if she was in need of anything paper, we could trade.  And luckily she was, and I was able to make her some adorable (or at least I think so!) mini thank you cards that she can include with her packages.  Double score because trading can be a lot of fun.

Anyway, I got my soap in the mail a couple of days ago and tried it out yesterday on some toddler clothes straight from the sandbox, some overdue-to-be-washed placemats, and the towels used to dry off the dog after her bath.  All in all a good test load.  Now, truth be told, I did this load the way I usually would- Shout on the stains, warm water to help get out the dirt.  I wasn't trying to see how green I could be, just if it worked.  And it did!  It worked great- just as well as my regular liquid detergent did.  All the dirt and food spots came out just as they usually would.

The soap in my awesome new laundry room
So, if you've been thinking about green laundry soap and wondering if it works, I can tell you firsthand that this one does.  Plus, Robyn is so nice and so easy to work with.  I would totally recommend trying out her stuff!  And if you buy something from her, you may just get one of my little cards with it!


  1. Very cute cards you made her! That's great you got to trade and even better that it worked great on your clothes!


  2. Yes! This is exactly what I want to hear. I've been on the green soap bandwagon for a while now, but my husband is convinced they won't get anything clean. (We use Method from Target, which is as green as he'll go...) I'm showing this to him. :-)