My Newest Addiciton

Pinterest.  Have you heard of it?  Oh my goodness, it is the coolest site.  Imagine searching the web and finding the most amazing pictures and brilliant ideas and then bookmarking them all.  And then your bookmarks and favorites list becomes a gigantic mess and you can't remember what any of the links actually are.  Sound familiar?

Pinterest is so very awesome because it is basically a digital bulletin board, so to speak.  It's digital idea book where you can "pin" your finds (similar to thumbtacking something to said bulletin board), and a thumbnail picture of what you have found is stored on various boards that you create by theme.  It's so fun.  And there are so many great pins already made that you could spend a lot of time pinning things other people have found and not even need to pin your own original finds (but what fun would that be?).

It has become my newest web addiction, even though I swore I was not going to be wasting time on the Internet anymore.  Remember that?  I'm trying to be good about it, though.  I'll go on and spend a lot of time looking around one day and pin some things, and then I won't go back on for awhile.  It also comes equipped with this little pinning bookmark tool so that if you find something cool while you are doing your general web-browsing, you can click the tool and it gives you the option of pinning any of the photos on that page.  It's so easy!

I had heard about Pinterest before but hadn't signed up for it, and then Paige over at Final Clothes-Out did a blog post about the site and offered a few of her invitations out to readers who were interested, so I jumped at the chance.  You can sign up on your own, but it can take up to a week or two to get started, and if you have an invitation you can pretty much get on there right away.  Plus, if you have friends who are on, you can follow their boards and see what they pin.  It's definitely worth checking out.  Like Paige, I have a couple of invitations left if anyone is interested in signing up- first come, first served!

Who's on Pinterest?  Do you just love it?


  1. I just re-read that and cannot believe how much I used the word "cool". So sorry.

  2. I'm a hopeless addict as well, I've gushed about it a few to many times on my blog, after my invite finally arrived, but it really is "cool" :)
    I'm here:

  3. I would like an invite! All you gals have been talking about it endlessly so I guess I should jump on the wagon.. thank you!
    rachelwkleinman (at) or etsy convo thank yooou!


  4. Oh pintrist. Yes, totally addicting

  5. I joined but honestly, where do you find the time! I already feel like I spend too much time online! I'm sure I'll be addicted soon enough!

  6. Yay for Pinterest!

    And what better word to describe it than "cool"?

  7. I'm loving pinterest too! I've been posting recipes I really want to try and it's cut way down on my paper piles! =)

  8. Kim- totally agree! I just realized yesterday that Pinterest is going to help me eliminate my stockpile of magazines- hooray!


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