The Mighty Huntress

This is the face of a fearsome warrior:

She has caught a chipmunk a day for the past three days, taking her seasonal total to 5 chipmunks and 1 mouse/rat-like thing, beating her last year's average of 1 mole all summer.  She is single-handedly ridding our yard of small rodents.

And isn't she cute?

Have a great weekend!


  1. Is she a standard poodle? We have a black standard... LOVE that face!!!

  2. Yes, she is! She's on the small side, but we think she's just right. That was right after her summer haircut, so she looks really white, but she's more apricot-colored when she's grown out. Such sweet dogs!

  3. Wow! That's amazing! And very cute! Our dog is super cute too, but totally useless at killing rodents. She corners about as well as a freight train.

  4. I absolutely adore her!! I must say, I'm a little happy that Aggie doesn't catch critters. lol