The Big Project: Table Favors

Remember on Monday I told you I was working on a big Etsy order?  Well, here it is.  Many, many months ago, I put a listing in my shop offering bookmarks as table favors for weddings, showers, parties, etc. figuring it was kind of a different idea: everyone at the event could get their own personalized bookmark that would hopefully be used and reused and enjoyed by all, unlike some of the things you get as favors.  And nothing really happened.

But as luck would have it, a few weeks ago I was contacted by a bride looking to order bookmarks for her wedding!  And she picked out one of my favorite combinations: navy blue, yellow floral print, and powder blue with a navy blue ribbon, based off of this listing photo:

We talked a little and tweaked a few of the details on the bookmark, and I wound up making 100 of them!  That is by far my largest order to date, and I am really pleased with the result:

I just wish I could get to see the tables where they are going to go!

Of course, with any new, big project there is knowledge to gain.  Here are some things I learned as a result of this experience:

1. It takes a lot longer to loop and tie 100 ribbons than I thought it would.  And it hurt my fingers more, too.  I'm going to have to factor that in the next time.

2. Something is inevitably going to go wrong.  In this case, my hole punch broke halfway through the stack.  Meaning, the part that punches actually broke off the thing so I couldn't try and salvage it if I wanted to, which I did.  Oh, and I needed more ribbon too.

3. I still really like this color combination even after looking at it for a long time.

4. These bookmarks came out way better than even I thought they would, and I thought they'd be great to start with.

5. It is very humbling to know that something I made will be featured on the tables at someone's wedding.  I know that's the goal here with offering table favors, but until I was actually making them, I didn't really think about that part.  A wedding is a really big deal, and I am just so pleased that someone liked what I make enough to give one to everyone there.

6. I would really love to do this again!

Over the weekend I decided that since I was making tabs for different pages here on the blog, I would make a page for wedding and party table favors.  This gives me a chance to post more photos of what I offer and more information than what I can list on Etsy.  I would love for this type of order to be a regular occurrence, and hopefully that will help show it off.  I know that I personally would love to get this type of favor.


  1. Congratulations on a big order! I had an order from a bride wanting hair pins for her bridesmaids and it's definitely humbling and amazing to know that my creations will be featured on her important day! I actually asked if her is she remembered after her wedding to send me photos of the bridesmaids' hair. I want to create a photo album on my Facebook page of my customers wearing their creations.

    I also learned that I ran out of materials twice and my order was only for 8 hair pins!

    Anyway your bookmarks are beautiful. I love that color combo. Great job on them!

    (Make sure to send her a few extra business cards in case anyone asks where she got the bookmarks. That's some great advertising right there!)

  2. That's amazing! Congratulations on the big bridal order :) I would be over the moon if I was a guest at a wedding and a snazzy personalized bookmark was my favor!

  3. How exciting! I hope she sends you lots of pictures of the event.

  4. Kristen, they turned out beautifully! How neat that each of them are personalized for each guest! I hope this is the first of many orders for you!

  5. Hooray! They look so great! Congrats on such a large order.

  6. Wow, congratulations on that big order. And what a fabulous idea for a wedding, hope you get many more:):)

  7. What a neat idea...and they turned out great! I never estimate the right amount of time on new projects. And you're right about the's the little things that add up to take forever!
    Wishing you many more sales on these!

  8. woohoo!!!! Glad you survived such a huge order! And ya, tying those ribbons is very time consuming. I think they turned out amazing, and I hope you get more orders! Ask the bride to take a picture of the table for you...?