Punch List

I'm borrowing this post format from my friend Heidi over at RowHouse14 (which you should definitely check out and read!) because I think it's a fun way to cover a lot of things fast.

1. What does 156 bookmarks look like?  This:

So the order got a little bit bigger due to a few more people RSVP-ing than originally thought.  For those of you not already doing the math in your head, that is 468 individual layers of paper, 156 holes punched, 156 cello bags, and 312 ribbons looped or tied.  My hands hurt.

2. New items in the shop!  While waiting on some extra supplies for the above, I got some new items made and listed.  I love these summery paper colors.  They remind me of salt water taffy.

Plus, I have several other ideas that I want to start working on very, very soon.  So stay tuned for that.

Ok, did I say this list covers a lot of things at once?  It should.  Heidi's are usually at least 10 long.  But I've been consumed with paper lately, so you'll just have to forgive me this one time, and the next time I'll make it longer.  Promise!

Happy Friday!


  1. Love the post!!!! Great idea with all the pieces and part facts.

  2. Oh my goodness! So much paper! My fingers would hurt too! And I'm glad you did a punch list-- I neglectfully didn't do my Wednesday punch list this week!

  3. Bookmarks up to your eyeballs! Aaah!

    The chevron set is adorable.

  4. oh my goodness i am so happy for you that the order is finished!!!

  5. I really love the chevron set of bookmarks. Bookmarks are so fun. Do you make book plates? This summer I was planning on doing some "this book belongs to..." book plates and I just never got around to it.

  6. Courtney- Yes, I do book plates! I have one set up in my shop now, but I have several more planned out to list. Can't wait to post them!