How I Spent My Holiday Weekend

This is our living room:

What happened, you say?  No, we aren't moving, although the furniture did.  We spent our rainy Sunday moving the living room furniture to the basement rec room that is finally finished.

We have also, since I last showed pictures of it, gotten the closet doors painted, plus some shelves and a towel bar hung up.  It makes it look a lot more home-y down there.  Now we just need some pictures on the walls and we will be all set.

Yes, that is our television, which despite our no-tv policy lately has indeed been plugged in and hooked up to the DVD player and the VCR (yes, we still have one), as well as the xBox (dunh, duhn, duhhhhhhhhn).  We figure we can hit up the library for movies and have a movie date night now and again, when we're not busy (insert sitcom laugh track here).

As for the destiny of the living room: our plan is to work on our master bed and bath next (pictures to follow soon), which means I have also spent this weekend consolidating two bathrooms into one, which went surprisingly well and helped me cross all three things off of my "big chore" list, and moving our clothes and things to another bedroom (though that was big chore #1, which I had already done and had to do again).  Phew!  The living room will get the treatment hopefully some time over the winter, when I will pull down all of the dark, olive green grass cloth from 1978 and the broken window blinds will be taken down as well.  We're hoping to lighten it and brighten it.

Are you working on any home projects right now?  How did you spend your weekend?


  1. Since you have an Xbox, you should sign up for Netflix. We looooooove it.

    I moved some furniture this weekend, too. Took the bookshelves out of my office and stuck them in the bedroom.

  2. We have been thinking about doing Netflix! We're going to wait a little longer until most of the projects are done and then we'll probably sign up! :)

  3. I second the netflix. A must and only like $8 a month if you just want one movie sent per month (plus you get unlimited insta-watch available!).
    Your basement looks great and I can't wait to see the finished bathroom and living room! As for me, I'm just hoping this damn mold magically disappears, here's hoping!


  4. It seems like there is always some kind of project to do when you have a house! We did a lot of them last year but have slowed down. Too much to do, too little time.