Happy Fourth of July!

Hey there everyone!  I hope you are having an enjoyable and relaxing holiday weekend.  We are not.  Well, slightly enjoyable, maybe, but not relaxing!  I'll be sharing more of that as the week goes on.  Lets just say that the house in a slight bit up-ended right now.

As it goes with this holiday, we are going to try and take the toddler to a nearby fireworks display tonight, thus keeping him up way past his bedtime and risking the possiblity of scaring the bejezus out of him.  Good times.  He has seen them online, though, and is very excited by the idea of it.  We'll see how it goes!

So here's to good weather and family and friends and cookouts, if that is what your day hold for you.  Have a great day!


  1. Hope he likes the fireworks! We watched them from inside the car with the windows up for a couple of years with our little guy on Dad's lap. He felt a lot better about that.

  2. You just never know how the kids will react! I hope it's a fun and safe night for you!

  3. Stopping in from the Etsy blog team :)
    Happy 4th!