The Next Project

Our downstairs "master" bathroom is a masterpiece of wallpaper and brass, with a myriad of doors to navigate:

The door closes to make a powder room

Oh yes, that is solid blue wallpaper

The reason I call it a "master" bathroom is because it is the only one on the first floor, which makes it the everyone bathroom.  There is an entrance from the hall and one from the bedroom, with the door in the middle that you can see in the first photo to keep the shower closed off.  It's an interesting concept that I had never seen before.  We decided that in taking the laundry room out of the entrance hall that we would put in a half bath, therefore allowing us to close off the door in the hallway, making this an actual master suite with private bath.

So, this lovely space and the adjoining bedroom (sneak peak of that lovely wallpaper there in the last photo) will be our next house project over the coming months, where we plan to rip everything out and put it all back together.  Our upstairs bathroom took several months, but we were also tearing down half the yard and we had also never done a bathroom before.  Hopefully this will go somewhat more smoothly.


  1. Love the new banners! both in the shop and on your blog!

  2. Hooray for bloogy makeovers! It looks very cute.

    I can't wait to see the new bathroom! That wallpaper is quite... vivid.

  3. Best of luck with the remodel! Bathrooms are so much work, but I bet you'll love it when it's done.