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Yes, another chick-lit-turned-movie book, but I couldn't resist.  I watched the trailer for this one online some time aways back and decided that I would indeed watch this once we got back into tv and movies, and as I've said before, I like to read the book first.  So, I went on a hunt for it at the library where it turned out to be checked out and I had to put it on hold (seriously?).  After many weeks I finally went to pick it up and read through it really quickly because it was a fun story that you just wanted to find out what happens.  This is a good one: a happy ending for all involved (I think), though it will keep you guessing a little bit as you read, and you really do root for Rachel, the main character despite the choice she makes.  Bonus: this movie is set in New York City, and so is the book, unlike the last one I read which turned out to take place in London and had me screwed up for a few pages.  And, as I was writing this, I just discovered that there is a second novel, Something Blue, that I am totally going to have to pick up.  Definitely a good summer read!


  1. I saw the previews for this, and I wasn't sure how it would be. Good to know the book is actually okay!

  2. My friend recommended it to me recently. She said it's a great non-serious book to read. I'll have to check it out now.

  3. Ive read the three (or is it 4?) of these books in the set and every single one is great! These were my first ever chick-lit books and I was hooked ever since. I have no intentions of seeing the movie though lol


  4. I've seen this before and thought about reading it. Now that I know it is a happy, feel good book, I will more then likely pick it up!

  5. Ok, going to have to see if I can get this one on my kindle... :)


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