A Good Way to Trade?

Before I get to today's intended post, I have to share this with you:

That, dear friends, is a leftover bit of wallpaper that my husband found behind the vanity in the aforementioned bathroom while tearing things out last night (supposedly there prior to the solid dark blue).  It is yellow and orange with a silver metallic backing.  Yeah.

So anyway, after that bit of loveliness, I have a question to pose to you: Is there a good way to approach someone about doing a trade on Etsy if you don't already "know" them or they aren't already purchasing one of your items?  I have done two successful trades: one offset a purchase being made and the other was the return of an offer to try something out.  But is there a good way to approach someone if you just like their item and may want to buy it, but maybe they'd like to trade for it instead?  I have been thinking about this for some time and haven't really come up with a good solution because while I'm sure there are people who would be totally receptive and/or not offended by the offer, I'm also sure that there are people who would see that to be quite tacky.  Thoughts?

Happy Friday!


  1. I'm not sure how to go about trading-- I've never done anything of the sort though I think I'd like to. But on the wallpaper front--- wow! I remember peeling crazy layers of wallpaper off at my parents' old house when I was a kid, but that one right there trumps anything I've ever seen!

  2. I've never initiated a trade, but somebody approached me about one about a year ago. She convo'd me and basically said, "I really like your shop, just wondering if you're open to the idea of a trade."

    And because she was so polite, I said yes! It helped that she already had an item in mind, too. Good luck!

  3. Be polite and complimentary of their shop. Offer to match the monetary value of what you want in trade with item(s) from your shop or something custom (if you don't mind doing that). And definitely mention that you understand if they are not interested or unable to do a trade. Have fun!

  4. It can't hurt to ask. I've traded twice, and both time it was because they had hearted one of my items and I looked at their shop and found something I needed (needed as in vinyl spiders for Halloween decorations--just the essentials for me!).

  5. Thanks, everyone!

    Heidi- The wallpaper is truly heinous. Some of that 70s stuff can be cool, but not this! :)

    Paige and Athena's- Great advice! Things I was thinking about saying but it's nice to have that reinforced.

    Janet- Vinyl spiders are a total necessity, of course!

  6. Even when I haven't wanted to trade, I have not been offended when people ask. It is hard to politely decline an offer too. So I think that it is important for both parties to be polite and respectful.

  7. I have traded once. The good thing is that it increases your number of sales, which is good, especially for a shop without much sales (like mine), but I would not trade again for low-priced items just because I absorb a substantial portion of the shipping fees. While the trading experience per se was good, it turns out to be quite an expensive "marketing" act for me.

    But as Janet said here, it doesn't hurt to ask.

    I would trade again but for much pricier items ($100+).