Good Read // Good Watch.

I have to start with the Good Watch today because this movie was fantastic.  The husband and I are huge Beach Boys fans, both of us growing up with an older parent, where 60s music was part of the background.  I knew the words to many Beach Boys songs by the time I was six just for the fact that we listed to the oldies station all the time.  I always knew bits and pieces of their story but never understood how it all worked out together.  Love & Mercy is a biopic of Brian Wilson, the defacto leader of the Beach Boys.  It toggles back and forth between the 1960s when his mental breakdown began and the 1980s after he's been in treatment.  The best part, though, is that you see actual instrumental production of God Only Knows and Good Vibrations, which I find fascinating.  Highly, highly recommend.


The Art of Racing in the Rain pulled at my heart because the dog, Enzo, is the one telling the story.  Everything that's happening is told from his perspective and it is heartbreaking at times knowing that he knows things and can't tell anyone.  Beautifully written, this novel is the ultimate story of man and dog and their relationship from beginning to end, and once you start reading you are completely unable to put it down.  For all the times I've wished that Casey the poodle could tell me things, I just loved this book.

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