Office Takeover: The Furniture.

Last week I presented you with my not-so-top-secret plan to oust my husband from his office, taking it over for myself and redecorating it in all its slightly larger than what I have now glory.  And really, what is an office takeover without some gorgeous new furniture to make it even nicer?  Even though he currently has no intention of moving out, let's take a stroll down Dream Office Lane:

Let's start with the Anderson Desk from Crate & Barrel.  C&B must have known that I have been crushing on home office furniture because they sent me an email full of home office upgrades.  Look at the sleek lines and the lovely glass top.  Storage be damned!  The Harvey Chair is pretty amazing, too.

Now, on the other hand, the Morris Desk may be a little bit more functional, with all those lovely drawers, and it's a little closer to the furniture we are already rocking.  We love that beach cottage feel, and I think this would compliment the room nicely.

Naturally I wandered over to Ikea, because, hello.  Can we talk about the RIGGAD lamp??  Not only is it super cool looking- it wirelessly charges your phone.  For real.  Genius upon genius.
Ikea also has several new laptop desks- higher than the average desk for those who wish to stand and type.  This NORRASEN laptop desk would be amazing for almost all the tasks I do standing up- cutting, packing, folding, etc.

And I'd love to cover the floor with the Alvarez Garden Rug from C&B, which is just busy enough that it might not look horrible once it is inevitably covered in threads and fuzz.  I've also always wanted an orange rug, but color scares me, so this could be a nice toe-dip into the color pool.

And then.  Then there is this 1930s French Postal Desk from Restoration Hardware that makes me swoon so hard.  It's a wide desk, with a seat, with shelves and storage.  Pretty, pretty please?

Which is your favorite piece?  Do you go dream furniture shopping?  Which room in your home would you do over?

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