How to Start?

Does anyone else feel like time has just been flying by lately?  It was seriously just Halloween and now we're just a few days away from the middle of January.  I'm not sure where the days are going but it's hard trying to catch up with everything.  My word of the year is start and so far, 11 days into the new year, I have been having a very hard time doing just that.  I'm sure I can blame the fact that it's cold and once I'm comfy in one spot in the house, it's hard to move to another.  I'm sure I can blame the kids and that once I try to work on something they interrupt me.  I'm sure I can blame the Internet and all its fabulous distractions.

But the truth is, I just can't make myself move.  I have some things that need taking care of pre-holidays and I just can't get them done.  I'm finding it hard to get the wheels turning and making that push to actually start something.  The drive to do is lacking right now and when I get like that I know that it can be pretty useless to try.  With sewing and my business, if I'm not in a motivated mood, things just don't turn out right.

So I need advice: what do you do to get yourself moving when you don't have the desire to do it?  Do you push through, or do you do something else instead?  Do you seek inspiration, create a challenge for yourself, give yourself a reward?  How do you start?

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