Office Takeover.

Way back in May 2014, oh so long ago, I redid my home studio, painting the room a brighter color and rearranging the furniture and adding bookcases to make the room easier to work with and more user-friendly.  Because I do most of my work from home, having an organized space where I had access to everything was a must, and it's been a great spot to work in.

It's not often that neat.

Anyway, like I said, it's a great place to work; in the summer I can watch the kids playing in the yard from my window even.  But...being upstairs can be a hindrance.  I spend most of my day on the main floor of our house.  That's where the kitchen is and most of my day revolves around that space.  I also sit at the counter or dining room table to do computer work since I don't have a formal desk.  I don't know why it is, but it's an effort to bring the computer up there when I need to pack orders, and when the kids are home, if I am upstairs then I attract their attention and they come visit, whereas if we are not on the same floor, they play happily with each other (for the most part) instead of hanging on me.  Because of that I find myself avoiding going up there to work when they are home.  And in the evenings when I used to be able to get up there to work by 8pm because the kids would be asleep, now Gus especially is taking longer and longer to drift off so it's now almost 9:00 by the time I feel "safe" to go up there, and by then I'm just tired.

However, in our house we have another room that would make for a great studio space.  It's currently my husband's office.

When we moved into our house, this was the first room we renovated, knowing that he was going to be working from home for the biggest portion of his job.  However, he recently took a promotion that puts him in the home office five days a week now instead, and while this room gets some use, it's no longer serving its intended purpose.  And so I am coveting it with all my heart.

My current space upstairs is about 120 square feet, while this room is about 192.  It's not a ton more space, but bigger is bigger, am I right?  There are more windows to contend with and a set of French doors, but I find myself arranging my own furniture in there in my mind more often than not.  Because this space is on the main floor, I could easily wander in there throughout the day and work without disturbing anyone, and at night I wouldn't need to wait for anyone to sleep to get some things accomplished.

I am not-so-quietly plotting a complete takeover, having dropped hints that it would be the perfect workspace for me, but it is falling on deaf ears.  Or rather, concerned ears.  Apparently there is a problem with how tidy I keep my office space. 



He may have a point.

While I am in the middle of working I may not keep the neatest space, and when I get home from a show I may very well dump things in the middle of the floor and they stay there until the next one.  Who doesn't??  I still think the bigger room should be mine.

My other idea is that the couch should go and we should get two smaller desks, one for me, one for him, so that I at least have a place to put the business side of business away from the making part of it.  We'll see if I can wear him down.

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