Where Have All the Tweeters Gone?

Where have all the tweeters gone?  It's been something I've noticed for awhile now- Twitter has become a link dump and run, a land of scheduled tweets and automated updates.  When I first got online, Twitter was the first social media platform I signed up for.  I liked how you could quick message people, find help and suggestions, and simply drop a random thought and see what happened.  Nowadays there is so little actual interaction on Twitter.  It may be that when we all started, Twitter was the only platform to connect, so we were all there.  It may be that since that time, we've all gotten busy and we don't put the effort into our social media as much.  It may be that we were able to be online a lot at one point, and since then our lives have changed so now we're not.  Plus the ease of platforms like HootSuite, which allow you to preschedule tweets, and linking accounts like on Instagram and Pinterest, make it possible for you to keep tweets in your feed without you actually opening your Twitter feed to see what's up.

I miss having a quick chat with an online friend, so I've been trying to make the effort to pop in and say hi!  Just a short little friendly conversation like that is perfect to brighten up your day or give you a nice quick break from work.  Tweeters, have you seen the same?

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