Friday's Favorite Finds.

Happy Friday!  I blogged for the entire week!!  I am really happy to be back in this space, and looking back at old posts there were some things that I really loved posting and want to get back to.  I love ending the week with some Pinterest picks or some favorite finds- a little something fun to send us off into the weekend.  While my own Etsy shop has been taking a backseat to life lately, I still manage to get on there and find some amazing things.  Here's just a few:

Holy cuteness!  My kids are both too big for this now (I never thought I would actually say that) but this baby swing from GreenWoodLT is the bee's knees.

Curious Bloom's felt leaf wreath (say that five times fast) would look amazing in my sewing room.  The colors are absolutely perfect.

This is Natasha.  Quite possibly the world's most content looking dog.  Made by Two Sad Donkeys, I think she could find a nice place in my home.

I really love my plain, thin gold wedding band, but if I ever had to upgrade, I could totally see getting something like this etched band from Minicyn.

Call me boss lady and give me a nice big mug to put my tea in.  Two thumbs up.  I am digging this design by How Joyful.

And finally, with my goal of sending more mail this year, this letter organizer from Less and More is not only swoon-worthy but it would keep all my mail in order.

So if anyone is looking to send me a gift for any reason, keep these in mind.  I'm only half kidding- anyone would be incredibly lucky to be on the receiving end of one of these.  Which one is your favorite?  Speaking of weekends, anyone have grand plans for their two days off?  We'll be kicking it at home like we usually do, but we enjoy that free time and not having to run out anywhere.  Have a great weekend!

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